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GameFi - Seasons

Unit & Heroes Expansion Pack

At the beginning of each season, players can look forward to a new expansion pack featuring brand new units and heroes to use in their armies.

Seasonal Vault

The seasonal vault holds a portion of all revenues generated during the season and a smaller portion from the previous season (except for season 1).
As the season progresses, players will compete to capture resources and strategic points in order to gain an advantage over their opponents. At the end of the season, the seasonal vault is redistributed among the players based on their performance.

Map Reset

To keep things fresh and challenging, the state of the map is reset at the start of each new season. This means that players will need to adapt their strategies and start anew, making every season a new opportunity for players to prove their worth and rise to the top. So get ready to test your skills and dominate the competition in each exciting new season of Orivium!