🖼️NFT - King (2D Free mint)

Mint info:

  • Network: Ethereum

  • Supply: 4444

  • Price: Free

  • Date: January 27th

The Orivium 2D NFT Collection, consisting of 4444 unique digital assets, is a foundational component of the Orivium gaming universe. These 2D NFTs are intricately designed to mirror their 3D counterparts, creating a dynamic synergy between the two dimensions. Each change or update made to a 3D NFT is instantly reflected in its corresponding 2D NFT, resulting in a real-time interconnected gaming experience.

Real-Time Mirroring Mechanism:

  • Instant Reflection: The 2D NFTs are designed to mirror any modifications made to the 3D NFTs in real time. This includes changes in equipment, stats, and overall appearance.

  • Shared Metadata: The 2D and 3D NFTs share identical metadata, ensuring that any alteration to a 3D NFT is accurately and immediately replicated in its 2D counterpart.

  • Equipment Changes: When equipment is unequipped from a 3D NFT, it does not result in the creation of a new 2D equipment NFT. Instead, the 3D NFT owner has the opportunity to trade the newly independent 3D equipment item, while the 2D NFT simply reflects these changes without generating any separate tradable assets.

Two Primary Functions:

  • As Collectibles: The 2D NFTs hold value as collectible digital assets within the Orivium ecosystem, appealing to players who appreciate their artistic and static nature.

  • Boosting Gameplay: Players owning both a 2D and its corresponding 3D NFT gain additional in-game bonuses, offering a tactical advantage.

Value Dynamics:

  • Value Fluctuation: The value and aesthetic of a 2D NFT can change at any moment, driven by the actions of the corresponding 3D NFT's owner. This aspect introduces a strategic layer where decisions made by 3D NFT owners can influence the market value and desirability of the 2D NFTs.

  • Limited Control for 2D Owners: Owners of 2D NFTs do not possess the ability to alter or trade specific 2D equipment. The 2D NFTs’ attributes and appearance are entirely dependent on the corresponding 3D NFTs.

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