👑NFT - King (3D Genesis)

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Network: Ethereum

Supply: 4444

Price: 0.07 ETH

Date: January 28th

The Orivium Kings NFT Collection features 4444 unique digital assets, each a dynamic and interactive element within Orivium. These Kings allow players to actively engage with the game by equipping and unequipping various items, thereby impacting their game strategy and character performance.


When all equipment is unequipped, the base King NFT reveals its inherent design, which includes distinct eyes, mouth, and clothing. This base skin serves as the foundation upon which players can build and customize their Kings.

Players have the ability to equip their Kings with various items, including:

  • Weapons

  • Accessories (earrings)

  • Coiffes (headgear)

Rarity Colors:

Rarity-Indicated Colors: The rarity of each equipment piece is indicated by a specific color, which also correlates with the potential bonus percentage that the item contributes to the King's stats. The rarity levels and their corresponding colors and bonus ranges are as follows:

  • Common (White): Offers a bonus range of 1-20%.

  • Rare (Green): Provides a bonus range of 21-30%.

  • Epic (Blue): Comes with a bonus range of 31-40%.

  • Mythic (Purple): Features a bonus range of 41-45%.

  • Legendary (Yellow/Black): Grants the highest bonus range of 46-50%.

The stats of a King, such as endurance, attack, armor, and health points, are significantly influenced by the equipped items. The rarity of these items directly impacts the effectiveness of the King in gameplay.

Trading Unequipped Items:

Items unequipped from Kings become standalone NFTs, which players can trade or sell in the marketplace. This mechanism adds an economic layer to the game, allowing players to capitalize on strategic decisions.

Bonus Features: Synergy with 2D and 3D Pairing

Owning both a 2D and a corresponding 3D King NFT unlocks additional in-game capabilities and bonuses. This synergy enhances the strategic gameplay experience.

Learn more about it here:

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Gem NFTs for Attribute Boosting:

Players can also enhance their Kings' stats with Gem NFTs, each providing specific attribute bonuses. These gems, available in various rarities, add to the depth and complexity of character customization.

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