📈Token Listing

What is it?

Token Listing typically refers to the process of a cryptocurrency token being added to a cryptocurrency exchange platform, making it available for trading.

Step 0 - Audit:

The $ORI token's smart contract is rigorously audited by CertiK, a leader in blockchain security, ensuring the highest standards of security and integrity. The address of the audited smart contract will be disclosed imminently.

Step 1 - Deployment:

The $ORI token will be deployed by the Orivium . This deployment ensures that 100% of the minted $ORI tokens are securely transferred to a , safeguarding against unauthorized access and enhancing overall token security.

Step 2 - Liquidity Management:

Presale activities on Ethereum and Arbitrum involved two distinct smart contracts, capturing all sales data for vesting purposes. All accrued liquidity was initially stored in the secure Orivium Cold Wallet. The next phase involves bridging this liquidity from Ethereum to Arbitrum through an exchange (Binance).

Step 3 - Transfer:

All liquidity will reside in the exchange. The subsequent transfer of the LP funds to the Multisig Wallet will be conducted with utmost caution, ensuring the security of the transaction and the accuracy of the destination address. This step is pivotal for initiating the creation of the liquidity pool.

Step 4 - Vesting:

Vesting of $ORI tokens for presale participants will be meticulously managed using the Hedgey Finance application, a platform renowned for its reliability and endorsed by the Arbitrum grants program. This approach guarantees a fair and secure vesting process, leveraging data collected by the presale smart contract.

Step 5 - Listing on DEX:

The Multisig Wallet, a paradigm of secure fund management, will then establish a liquidity pool by combining all the liquidity raised during the presale with a predetermined amount of $ORI tokens. This pool will launch the ORI/ETH pair on CamelotDex, the largest DEX on the Arbitrum network, acclaimed for its reliability and supported by the Arbitrum grants program.


To keep our community and investors well-informed, each of these steps will be announced and detailed through regular updates on our Discord server (https://discord.gg/orivium). We encourage all interested parties to join for timely updates and insights.

  • Multisig Wallet: It need 3/5 signatures by 4 people all signed using a cold wallet to execute transaction.


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